TVL Girls Golf Rules -Regulations, and Policies

1.   The Trans Valley League will consist of six (6) schools.  Escalon, Hilmar, Hughson, Livingston, Ripon, and Riverbank.

2.   Participants/Events: Up to six (6) players may play; the best four (4) scores from each team will be used to determine the winner. 

3.   Dual Matches: Matches will start at 3:30 pm unless there is a mutual agreement between the schools and the course to start at an alternate time. At the completion of each league match coaches will record all scores and determine the winner. The host school should email the league representative (Pettigrew) and the league AD (Winton.) The winning team will receive 2 league points for each dual win.

a.   These individuals (AD/Rep) will record all league scores on the TVL Girls Golf Score Sheet.  Coaches will have access to this document to see updates.

b.   Dual Tie: If after four scores, the teams are tied, the scores of both #5 golfers will be used to break the tie. If the tie is not broken, the score of #6 will be used. If the #6 score does not break the tie, all six team members’ scores will be added up on the #1 handicapped hole and compared.  This process will continue until there is a winner determined.

c.   Any attempted protest, alleged breach of rules, and or scoring discrepancies should be voiced at the golf course, on the day of the event, and prior to the signing of scorecards. Coaches protesting a ruling or score must do so within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match. Coaches must notify their school’s athletic director and the league commissioner of the protest.

4.   Mid-Year. The league will sponsor a Mid-Year tournament. The Mid Year will be hosted as a group at sites determined on a year-to-year basis. Team league points will be awarded as such, two (2) points for each team you finish ahead of.

5.   League Championship: The league will sponsor a TVL Championship tournament. The TVL Championship will be hosted as a group at sites determined on a year-to-year basis. Team league points will be awarded as such, three (3) points for each team you finish ahead of. In the event of a team tie (tie in total points) for the league championship, the results of the league championship golf event will determine the winner.

6.   Tournaments Ending in Ties: The same method for breaking a dual-match team tie will be used in breaking a tournament tie. see “3B” above.

7.   Determining the team league champion. The overall league champion will be based on the accumulation of league points from the league duals (2 points per win), the Mid-Season (2 points for each team you finish ahead of), and the TVL Championship (3 points for each team you finish ahead of.)

8.   All-League and MVP Selection: The League will provide 12 All-League Patches and a Coach of the Year Certificate. 

1.     Coach of the Year will be voted on by the coaches.  

2.     All-league honors will be based on individual players’ overall TVL 9-hole stroke average. The player's 9-hole stroke average (over par) will be calculated by the USGA formula that takes into account the course rating and slope of each course played. [Score subtracted by course Rating, multiplied by 113, divided by the course Slope rating.]

1.     If a player plays in all dual matches, the Mid Year and the TVL Championship they will be able to drop their highest two 9-hole scores OR the 18-hole Mid-Year score, whichever is a higher total. Failing to play in all events will result in not getting to drop a high score(s), or potentially not being able to qualify for all leagues/postseason. Players will need 12 scores to divide by, to calculate their end-of-the-year 9-hole stroke average. 

2.     Players must play in the TVL Championship to be considered for all-league status and to advance to the SJS playoffs. Exceptions can be made to this rule providing the coach provides documentation of an extreme hardship, i.e. unforeseen and unavoidable. Documentation should be presented by the school’s AD who will share it with the league president and the league principals. The league president and league principals, (not involved), will make the decision.

3.     The lowest league stroke average will be named, Most Outstanding Player (MOP.) Coaches will nominate and vote for the league's Most Valuable Player (MVP.) The next 5 lowest stroke averages will be named 1st Team All-League. The next 5 lowest stroke averages will be named 2nd Team All-League. 

9.   The Sac-Joaquin Section determines the number of teams that will qualify for the Division 5 Championship: 6 Team League = 2 Teams qualify plus 6 individuals

10. Team and Individual Qualification for the SJS Division V Championship

1.     Teams will qualify by their Team Points earned in TVL events, Dual Matches, Mid-Season, and TVL Championship.  If there is a tie for the final team qualifier, the results of the TVL Championship will be used to break the tie.

2.     Individuals will qualify by their TVL stroke average. The lowest 6 individuals, not on the two team qualifiers will advance to the SJS playoffs. The next 3 individuals will be considered alternates #1, #2, and #3.

11. Rules of Play: All league play will be governed by USGA, NCGA, CIF and the TVL.

3.     In order to expedite play, the highest score on a hole will be ten (10).  Once that score is reached by a player, the ball will be picked up, and play on that hole will end for that player.

4.     The TVL will adhere to the 2019 USGA pace of play perversion pertaining to balls lost or out of bounds: as an alternative to stroke and distance. The rule will allow golfers the option to drop the ball in the vicinity of where the ball is lost or out of bounds (including the nearest fairway area), under a two-stroke penalty. 

1.     Clarification: If a player is dropping for a ball hit out of bounds, they are dropping at the “point of entry”, not where the ball ended up. In both OB and lost ball scenarios, players have the option to play the ball from the previous location under the normal OB/Lost ball penalty; stroke, and distance. 

2.     If the ball lost is the tee ball, the player would be dropping and playing their 4th shot from the fairway.

12. Coaching: 

5.     A certified coach must accompany the players on the course during the match. 

6.     A coach can coach during the match, up to the Mid-Season event. There will be a pre-match meeting at the Mid-Season event where coaches will discuss continuing this rule or stopping it for the second half of the season. 

13. The use of “winter” rules (playing the ball up or down) will be decided by the host team in conjunction with the golf course. Schools must play the same set of tees for all home matches. In case there is a discrepancy in tees, the home school must notify the league representative.

14. Forfeiture: All schools in the TVL are expected to participate in all scheduled matches, Mid-Year Tournament, and the TVL Championship. If a school only has three players, they are expected to compete against the school with a full team of six players.  This contest would be considered a forfeit; however, all players would post a score that could be used to calculate their end-of-the-year strike average. In the event that a postponed match can’t be made up, and the match has an effect on the league champions or team's advancement to Divisionals, the match will be played on the first available date after the league tournament.

15. Player Conduct:

a.   Flagrant throwing of clubs or damaging the golf course will result in disqualification.

b.   Vulgar or abusive language will result in a one-stroke penalty on the first offense and disqualification on the second offense.

c.   Advice CAN be given by a player’s teammate.

d.   Cell phones: Participants shall not have or use cell phones in any way.

e.    Players must carry their own clubs or transport them on a pull cart (caddies and golf carts are not permitted).  PENALTY: First violation is a two-stroke penalty; subsequent violations will result in disqualification.

16. Etiquette Guidelines:

1.     Paper, bottles, etc. are to be discarded in trash containers.

2.     Divots are to be replaced, ball marks repaired on the greens, and all bunkers need to be raked.

3.     Players may help each other find golf balls.

4.     Players should avoid walking in front of players when they are taking a shot.

5.     Scores are to be recorded at the end of each hole.

6.     Players are expected to remain at the clubhouse area after all matches.

7.     All players must stay with their foursome.  Players not following the proper golf etiquette will be warned on the first offense.  On the second offense, a two-stroke penalty will be assessed.  On the third offense, the player will be disqualified. Before a penalty is assessed or DQ a coach needs to be notified.

8.     Distance measuring devices will be governed by the prescribed Sac-Joaquin and CIF State guidelines. Players may use a device that measures distance only. Players may not use any cell phone applications as the use of cell phones is prohibited. The use of devices that gauge or measure other conditions, in addition to distance, that might affect a player’s play (e.g., wind or gradient) is not permitted, even if that feature(s) is turned off. The penalty for breach of this rule is a disqualification.  Players are encouraged to share yardage information with all members of their group if some individuals do not have a measuring device.

17. Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents:

9.     Stay off all fairways and greens during play.

10.   Remain 30 yards away from all players.

11.   Do not carry golfers’ bags or clubs during competition.

12.   No electronic devices are allowed on the course during play, including cell phones.

13.   MAY NOT help spot or find balls.

14.   Do not talk to any golfers during the competition.

15.   Must be reserved when acknowledging a good shot.



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